Stuart Morrison a farmer with a depth of knowledge and experience

Stuart Morrison a farmer with a depth of knowledge and experience

Stuart Morrison SFF FieldayWhile reluctant to be under our spotlight this month, dairy farmer and farmer advocate Stuart Morrison has made an enormous contribution to the Rotorua farming community. He might not say much, but when he does it is well worth listening to. He has earned the respect of many  in and around the catchment though his quiet determination, and his ability to negotiate the political landscape intelligently and respectfully.

Stuart has contributed extensively to the Rotorua farming industry/community over the years through his involvement in Federated Farmers, the Land Use Futures Board, the Rotorua Primary Producers Collective and the Stakeholder Advisory Group (StAG).  He has served as Chairman on both StAG and the Collective.  His balanced and considered view of the many issues we are facing coupled with his years of practical knowledge is valued.  Stuart believes the Collective’s strength is that it provides a forum to discuss an idea, form a view (or views), and then engage with councils in a more effective way than any individual may do.

Stuart moved from the Central North Island to Oturoa Road with his family fifty years ago.  He worked in the aluminium industry for while after university where he had obtained a science based degree. Stuart and Heather have now been farming at Oturoa Road for almost 35 years.  Throughout that time there has been a series of purchases and sales of various blocks of land. The current farm is 279 hectares, which encompasses the original family farm.
Stuart Morrison Farm webThe milking platform of 215 ha is milking 500 cows and rearing about half the replacement young stock.  The balance of the property, about 25%, is in native bush and forestry.

The Morrison farm has always had some dairy on it and this has increased over the years.  At various times they have also farmed sheep, cattle, goats and deer.  It is fair to say Stuart has seen and participated in many types of land use change throughout his farming career.  A valuable bank of knowledge comes with that experience .

“I enjoy the outdoors and have got satisfaction from working with others in developing and improving the productivity of the land and building a sustainable business.”

With the farm now being operated by sharemilkers, Stuart and Heather have time to develop their off farm interests. This involves spending more time with their city based sons and their grandchildren.  They have future plans for more travel and continue to maintain an active lifestyle.