New Grazing Agreement
Federated Farmers

New Grazing Agreement

Gear up for grazing with a new agreement that offers three in one. We have improved our existing (dry stock) grazing agreement and expanded it to cover both heifer and winter or seasonal grazing.

Like all Federated Farmers contracts and agreements, it’s available to members for just a fraction of what you would pay a lawyer, but offers the same protection and peace of mind for both the stock owner and grazier.  And you can trust this agreement is practical and easy to use – farmers have been hands-on in putting it together.

Priced at just $80.50 for members, you’ll also get 15 minutes of free legal support from the Federated Farmers support hotline.


  • Now one agreement that covers three grazing scenarios
  • Priced at just $80.50, it’s available to members at a fraction of what you would pay a lawyer.
  • Drafted by lawyers with input from farmers, the agreement clearly outlines each party’s roles and responsibilities, including payment, reporting, feed, progress measurement and quarantine drenching
  • Addresses adverse events such as feed shortage and animal welfare, including the agreed maximum permissible death rate of stock
  • Suitable for heifer, dry stock or winter/seasonal grazing – simply complete a standard section plus another covering one of these three options
  • A dispute resolution process
  • Coming from Feds you can trust that it contains what needs to be there and that it will stand you on solid ground.
  • Like all Federated Farmers contracts and agreements, it comes with 15 minutes of free legal advice – which you can use when entering into the agreement or when an issue arises.

How to purchase

To order your copy of the grazing agreement call 0800 FARMING (0800 327 646) or visit the Federated Farmers online shop.

If you’re not a member and would like to join, click here or talk to our 0800 team about how to take advantage of our cost-effective contracts and agreements, and all the other benefits of being a Feds member.