How to have your say on the draft nitrogen rules

How to have your say on the draft nitrogen rules

From Bay of Plenty Regional Council
The Bay of Plenty Regional Council is keen to hear your feedback on the draft rule structure for rural land use in the Lake Rotorua catchment.
The draft rules are intended to reduce nitrogen loss from rural land by 140 tonnes by 2032, as part of a rules and incentives package to protect Lake Rotorua water quality. The Council want to know what parts of the draft rules people support, what parts are opposed and how they can be improved.

All the feedback received by the Council will be considered in amending the draft rules before they are formally notified as a proposed plan change in March or April next year. Notification is the start of the formal Resource Management Act process. After that, anyone can make submissions on the proposed plan change, either in your own name or as part of a group such as the Rotorua Collective or Federated Farmers This leads to public hearings where submitters can present their case before a Hearings Panel which makes decisions on the rules. Beyond that are possible appeals by submitters to the Environment Court. While the rules aren’t expected to come into effect until 2017, Council want to hear from you now.

The current draft rules consultation phase has been extended until 31 October 2014, so please fill out the “Have your say” form on our website ( or call us on 0800 884 880.