Fed Farmers consult with drystock farmers

Fed Farmers consult with drystock farmers

This month Federated Farmers will be out and about the catchment talking to drystock farmers about the draft nutrient rules. Lyndel Stone (Field Team Manager) will be gauging overall awareness of the rules and concerns about the impact of these rules on farming practice and profitability.

It is suggested that the Nitrogen Discharge Allowance (NDA) will be calculated by determining the effective land use area for each property, with the drystock sector expected to achieve a 20% reduction from the current Rule 11 benchmark.

Lyndel covers Rotorua/Taupo, Ruapehu and South Waikato. She has been involved with Federated Farmers for 20 years and enjoys getting out and talking with farmers. Contact Lyndel directly if you’d like to set up a meeting , Mobile: 0274755596.