Draft region-wide water quantity rules update
Bay of Plenty Regional Council

Draft region-wide water quantity rules update

Those with dairy sheds should be aware that Bay of Plenty Regional Council is developing new water quantity rules for the whole region. The current rules require dairy sheds taking more than 35m3/day groundwater or 15m3/day surface water (for milk cooling or wash-down) to already have a resource consent.

Taking of water for stock and personal drinking water is allowed as a right under the RMA without a volume limit, so these proposed new rules are for water taken for any other use.The new rules would make groundwater and surface water takes over 15m3/day for use in the dairy shed a “controlled activity” requiring resource consent and a suitable water meter to measure usage. The controlled activity rule would minimise the bureaucracy and give certainty to all dairy farmers that they would be granted a resource consent, providing they applied within 12 months of the plan becoming operative.

To find out more, call Council Planner Glenys Kroon on 0800884881 extension 8324. The Regional Council is seeking feedback on these proposed rules by 1 December 2015.