Banking on a prosperous farming future in the catchment

Banking on a prosperous farming future in the catchment

Rabobank has been supportive of the Collective’s goals and objectives since the Collective was established in 2011.  Their sponsorship enabled us to launch our website and their continued support of the Collective is valued. Bernie Gardiner has been the link-pin to this partnership.

In recognition of the anxiety and uncertainty amongst our farming clients as to how the development and implementation of new environmental regulations will impact their farming operation, Rabobank established a Land and Water Strategy Group. Bernie is one of its founding members.

Rabobank TeamThe Rotorua catchment is one of many across the country encountering the challenges that pending environmental regulations pose. Bernie can sympathise with some of these. “When you have a day job, be it farming or banking, it is difficult to remain abreast of the myriad of continual developments in this ever changing area. That is why Rabobank is proud to have played a small part in helping with this dissemination of information via the Collective’s impressive website”.

“It is refreshing to discuss these challenges with the catchments’ farmers and to see the efforts they have already made and continue to make. Generally there is a very high level of awareness of the issues and a willingness to actively engage in the process for the greater good of Lake Rotorua and its wider community”.

“That said, these discussions are often stimulated by genuine concerns over the potential impacts on their future productive capacity, viability, livelihoods and asset base. The conversations we have with our farming clients often include scenario analysis, such as the reduction of stocking rates and input levels, to quantify the impacts on their profitability, equity and security positions. Our rural managers are happy to have similar conversations with any farmer, be they Rabo banked or otherwise”.