DairyNZ: People Expo May 2018

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  • DairyNZ: People Expo May 2018
  • Rotorua

DairyNZ: People Expo May 2018

Date: 1 May, 9:30am – 2:00 pm
Location: Rotorua (more details on registration)

Feel like you can’t get good staff?

Want to have great people asking to work for you?

To help you find solutions for your business, we’ve brought together some new and interesting people to share their experiences and perspectives on tackling this challenge – discuss with the experts and share with like-minded and motivated dairy farming colleagues.

Your speakers:

Joseph Sullivan, Team New Zealand – Americas Cup and Olympic gold medallist – rowing:
With experience in winning high performance sport teams from two people to 97, Joseph has a wealth of knowledge about what it takes to create a great team culture and perform under pressure.

Debbie Robertson, Founder and Managing Director, Rural Safe:
The importance of belief based safety and practically how to make it happen on farm. Debbie will give you a practical perspective on the real difference belief based safety can make to you and your team along with tips and tools to make safety stick.

Natalia Benquet, Canterbury Consulting Officer, DairyNZ:
With her personal experience of emigrating to New Zealand and a passion for cross cultural teams. Natalia will give you great insight into the different preferred communication styles of different cultures and share with you personal stories and tips on effectively communicating with diverse farm teams.

Come along and explore what works and what doesn’t, along with new and novel ideas, practical tips and tricks.

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